Do you require deposit or guarantee by credit/debit card?

Deposit is no needed however please note we do require cc details for all pick up´s out of Prague. There is no charge in advance though.

Do I have to notify you in case my flight is delayed?

There is no need to contact us as our drivers always check on the current flight details online therefore we are aware of all possible changes.

I'm travelling with my children. Do you provide children seats and if so is there any charge?

Safety is our priority. We do provide children seats indeed for no extra charge.

I would like to stop on the way to take a pictures or for a cup of coffee. Is there any extra charge?

There is no extra charge for a quick stop no matter if you wish to stop by to take a pictures, have cup of coffee or just to strech out.

I would like to take a day trip with private guide. Can you arrange it for me?

We will be certainly more than happy to arrange a guide for you. Let us know your language preference and we take care of the rest.

Are you cars insured?

We take great care of the cars and make sure we have all cars insured.

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